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Any suggestion that improves the quality of state government operations and services (whether it saves money or not) is eligible.

This program is open to any State or University employee, temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time, classified or unclassified.

Employees can submit a suggestion whether or not it's been implemented.  Suggestions are considered for feasibility during evaluation of the suggestion at the agency/campus level.

If the suggestion has not been implemented -- and if it's found to be feasible when evaluated -- the agency should decide to implement it, and then submit the suggestion to the state-level Board for recognition of the employee who made the suggestion.  (The suggestion must be implemented in order for the Employee Suggestion Board to give a cash award or other recognition).

The suggestion may be related to an employee's job, but the substance of the suggestion cannot be specifically detailed in the employee's job description.  (If there is any confusion about this, contact the Statewide Coordinator or your Agency/Campus Coordinator for clarification).

If identical suggestions are submitted, the suggestion bearing the earliest date of receipt by the Employee Suggestion Board will be considered for an award.

While some employee suggestions may not be eligible for recognition by the Employee Suggestion Board, they may be eligible for recognition by the individual agencies.  This type of recognition is the decision of the affected agency.

Not all Suggestions result in implementation, and not all employees receive cash awards or Board recognition for their suggestions.  But the Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program strongly encourages employees to suggest their ideas for review and possible recognition!

Cash awards are considered taxable income.  No deductions will be made at the time of the cash award.  However, award-winners will receive a W-2 form at the end of the year during which they received a cash award, and are personally responsible for adhering to state and federal tax reporting requirements.


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