Employee Suggestion Program

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1.   Employee completes the Suggestion Form** (SESP-14), attaches any supporting materials, and sends to his or her Agency/Campus Coordinator who acknowledges receipt and arranges to have the idea reviewed as quickly as possible.
** DOT employees only:  Please use the STAR Program form found at http://dotnet/sec/star/star.htm (only available to DOT staff)

2.   The Agency/Campus Coordinator completes the top sections on the Evaluation/Summary Form (SESP-15) and sends it with the Suggestion to an Evaluator -- a person who has knowledge or expertise on the subject of the suggestion.

3.  The Evaluator reviews the suggestion for feasibility, completes relevant sections of the Evaluation/Summary Form (SESP-15), and returns to the Agency/Campus Coordinator in a timely fashion (usually within 2 weeks).

4.   If the Suggestion documents annual savings more than $25,000 the Agency/Campus Coordinator must obtain review and sign-off by the agency Budget Office as soon as possible.

5.   The Agency/Campus Suggestion Committee meets and reviews the suggestion (and evaluation), and decides whether to forward it to the State Board with a recommendation for appropriate recognition/award.  The employee should be updated about the status of his or her suggestion.

6.   If the Suggestion has not been implemented, and the evaluation process confirms that it can be done, the Agency/Campus is responsible for implementing the suggestion.  Once it's in effect, then the agency submits the Suggestion to the Employee Suggestion Board with its recommendation and keeps the employee notified of the status.   [If the suggestion is not feasible or eligible, the agency/campus coordinator should send a letter to the employee, to explain why the suggestion is not being accepted, thank the employee for taking the time to submit a suggestion, and encourage the employee to consider submitting other suggestions which might be eligible in the future.]

7.   Agency/Campus Coordinator completes the summary section of the Evaluation/Summary form (SESP-15), makes four copies of the suggestion packet including Evaluation/Summary, Suggestion, and any supporting materials, and sends to the State Board in care of the Statewide Program Coordinator at the Office of State Employment Relations.

8.   The Board reviews the suggestion at its next meeting and decides on an award.  How do they do that and what kinds of awards do they give?  Click here to see Award Criteria

9.   After the Board's decision, the Statewide Coordinator prepares meeting summaries, certificates, checks, and letters, then sends to Agency/Campus Coordinator.  The Statewide Coordinator notifies the employee of the Board's decision.

10.  Agency/Campus Coordinator makes arrangements for presentation of awards to employee and prepares article for agency newsletter.  (In addition to recognition by the State Board, agencies may choose to further recognize employees as they see fit.)

NOTE:    The maximum timeframe for this entire process -- from the employee's initial Suggestion, to the State Board's decision -- shouldn't be more than 4 months.

The process may take a little less or a little more time; sometimes it may take longer because of extenuating circumstances.  (Processing time could take longer than 4 months if the suggestion is complicated, the evaluation requires a more in-depth review, or there are implementation issues at the agency/campus level.)

If there are any questions about the suggestion, or more information is needed, the employee should be contacted.

Employees should be kept up-to-date about the status of their suggestion at every stage in the process.


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