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Employees often have ideas to make work better.  The Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program is one way for you to submit an idea -- and get recognized and rewarded.

Start with your work area or department and think about what kinds of changes in process or equipment could enhance efficiency, reduce costs, or improve services.  Or, consider talking with others in your work area to brainstorm ideas about improving your department.

Fill out the Suggestion Form** on-screen, then print & route to your Agency/Campus Coordinator who will arrange to have your suggestion evaluated.
** DOT employees only:  Please use the STAR Program form found at http://dotnet/sec/star/star.htm (only available to DOT staff)

Who is eligible to submit suggestions?   Any employee of the State of Wisconsin or University of Wisconsin -- full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, classified or unclassified.

Suggestions can be related to your job and all ideas are welcome.  Your idea might improve customer service, or it might be a more efficient way of doing something.  Your suggestion could be an enhancement to equipment, or it may save money.   You can submit an idea on your own...or collaborate with members of your work team and submit a group suggestion.

Evaluators & Agency/Campus Coordinators use the Evaluation/Summary Form* when reviewing an employee suggestion for feasibility & possible implementation, and when recommending that the State Board recognize the employee with an award.



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