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Board Meeting - September 28, 2005
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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
September 28, 2005
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Investment Board, 121 East Wilson Street, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend, Board Chair; Sandy Drew, Member; David Vriezen, Member
OSER Staff:   Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator



The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:

ESP Number

Name & Agency


Suggestion Description & Benefits

Board Decision


Sandra Anderson, Drew Kottke, Candace Bettinger, DOT/DTID

Create a form that district region offices can use to communicate sign drawings for highway improvement projects.  Cost Savings:  $31,200/year.


Certificate and Cash Award of $624 ($208 each)


Jillian Cori, DOT/DMV

Revise form MV2014 to include a place to enter the social security number and driverís license number.




Doris Stickler, DOT/DMV

Add a statement to the FPF letter, clarifying that customers must send payment of their fines to the convicting court, not to DOT-DMV.




Evelyn Lommen, Mary Kroda, Anna Gent, DOT/DTD

Implement the use of double window envelopes, replacing the printing of 68 commercial envelopes and redesign WDOT letterhead.  Cost Savings:  $30,306/year.


Certificate and Cash Award of $606 ($202 each)


Glenn Saeger, Maria Krueger, John Brophy, Richard Flick, Ruth Ann Whitehorse, DOT/DTD

Have WisDOT update the language in the Construction White Book requiring the contractor to supply a safer chair that is ergonomic correct, more adjustable and offers better lumbar support than what is being supplied.




Frank Huitt, DOT/DSP

Have professionally made signs for the Hill Farms Tranportation Building (HFSTB) security information.




Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Revise the new RATS program to show that the new vehicle registration fee starts when the old plate ends.




The Board re-reviewed a suggestion (FY05-09, from Lynn Nachreiner & Steve Anderson, DOT) and found that the summary and agency-recommended award appeared to differ from the actual savings for 5 years.  Toomey will contact the agency for further information; if the agency confirms that the previous award amount of $500 ($250 each) was insufficient per the standard award procedures, then the suggesters will receive an additional amount of $250 each to reflect the corrected award. 


The Board will hold the Annual Awards Ceremony in the Governor's Conference Room at the State Capitol in mid-November; date will be finalized once the room reservation has been finalized.  The Board decided on the annual award winners -- Individual Suggester of the Year, Group Suggestion of the Year, Agency of the Year, and Agency Coordinator of the Year -- and those winners will be announced in a press release and on the web site closer to the date of the annual awards ceremony.


The next meeting will be the Annual Awards Ceremony in the Governor's Conference Room at the State Capitol on November 15, 2005, beginning at 11:00 a.m.

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