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Board Meeting - October 21, 2009
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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
October 21, 2009
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Investment Board, 121 E. Wilson St., Madison, WI




Board Members: Sandy Drew, Chair; David Vriezen, Member; Gene Dalhoff, Member (via teleconference)
OSER Staff: Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:


Name & Agency

Suggestion Description & Benefits

Board Decision


Kim Vonnahme and Laura Hood, DOJ

The Department had revised their Physical Evidence Handbook which is utilized by local law enforcement officers. In evaluating the printing options, the employees found that the printing option through the State Contract was substantially higher than was available through other printers. The employees proceed to obtain the necessary quotes and approval from DOA to use other than the contract vendor. By doing so, they saved the Department of Justice $5,810 in printing costs and also saved end users (local law enforcement agencies) $2.50/copy for each handbook that will be purchased.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $174.00 ($87.00 each)


Ray DíCosta, DOT/DMV

Orders of Revocation have to be folded and manually inserted on a daily basis. The process involves two hours of processor time (average), and longer if the folding machine is out of order. Additionally, an Affidavit of Mailing (required by State Statutes) is prepaerd and indexed/scanned into the image system. Language detailed in the affidavit can be transferred and incorporated on each Order of Revocation that will serve as the Affidavit of Mailing and comply with State Statutes. The Orders of Revocation are mailed directly by DOA to the address listed on the Order.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $168.00


Barney Hall, DOT/DMV

If a Transportation Customer Representative does not sign their station onto CICS and enters cash/check into an account, the monies are not recorded. This will lead to financial errors and can tempt employee dishonesty. Create a patch or permanent fix to correct the problem.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $50.00


Brooke Hanson, DOT/DMV

If a school bus driver is not fingerprinted within the required time, their school bus endorsement will be surrendered by the department. A new license, without the school bus endorsement, will then be issued and mailed to the driver. If the driver decides they want the school bus endorsement back, they can meet the requirements of the surrender by having their fingerprints taken. This new process would be the similar to that of the hazardous material drivers who do not get fingerprinted within the required time.

Certificate of Commendation


Peter Skaar, DOT/DMV

Someone should look at all the bank accounts for the department and see if any of the fees that the state is incurring could be avoided. In one case that I know of, the state has been paying $20/month since 2003. The bank teller said there is an account available that would have no fees.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $50.00


Emilia Wood, DOT/DMV

Put the Web address for the Sales Manual on the MV2184 Salesperson Application so both the applicant and the employer have access to it in writing.

Certificate of Commendation


Jennifer Engebretsen, DOT/DMV

Provide a coat rack or hooks on the wall for DMV customers to temporarily hang their things when they are getting their license or ID photo taken.

Certificate of Commendation


Emilia Wood, DOT/DMV

The MV2514 License Plates Cancellation Application serves no purpose when the customer appears in person at the CSC. They fill it out, we cancel the plate, and then we shred the form. It does not get forwarded to Madison for microfilming, etc. When I have a customer that wants to cancel a plate, I ask for identification, verify the plate number and vehicle, and then cancel the plate. No form is required. I think it should still be available on-line for those who want to mail it in.

Certificate of Commendation


Ronald Spataro, DOT/DMV

Stop checking out-of-state junked vehicles for Wisconsin records for notation. Only about 5% of the time is there actually a record on our system.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $191.00


Sonam Marpa, Gina Hellenbrand, Raechel Koseck, Cindy Hefty, Val Nichols, and Mary Lalor, DOT/DMV

Reuse MV2821 after they are imaged from the title documents. This will save on initial printing costs and record center storage costs.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $120.00 ($20.00 each)


Robert DeFrang, DOT/DSP

Exchange left-over ammunition from the Police Corps program for rifles the division needs to support field operations.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $300.00

The Board also decided on the following Annual Awards for Fiscal Year 2009:

* Individual Suggestion of the Year:  Susan O'Kane, DCF
* Group Suggestion of the Year:  Joseph Rodefeld, Ken Schmaus, David Greene, Scott Brummond, Jeffery Taylor, Mark Pfundheller, Gary Dikkers, and Carey Heymann, DOT
* Special Safety Suggestion Merit Award:  Tom Pleuss, DOC
* Agency Coordinator of the Year:  Helena Huddleston, DOT/DMV
* Agency of the Year:  DOT

These awards will be presented on Nov. 17, 2009, at the State Capitol.


The next meeting will be the Annual Awards ceremony on November 17, 2009, beginning at 11:00 a.m. in the Senate Parlor, State Capitol, in Madison.



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