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Board Meeting - July 16, 2010
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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
July 16, 2010
11:00 am to 12:00 noon

Investment Board, 121 E. Wilson St., Madison, WI




Board Members: Sandy Drew, Chair; David Vriezen*, Member; Gene Dalhoff*, Member
(*via teleconference)
OSER Staff: Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:


Name & Agency

Suggestion Description & Benefits

Board Decision


Adam S. Michie and Carolyn Hackler, DOT/DMV

Discontinue supplying drive rivets for VIN plate assignment.  Cost Savings:  $1,079 in Year 1 and $729 in subsequent years (average annual savings $800).

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $50.00 ($25 each)


Georgia A. Taylor, DFI

Ms. Taylor researched the electronic return receipt program for certified mailings because the Division of Securities paid over $5 each time it needed proof of mailing and proof of receipt. This information was needed as administrative rules mandated timeframes for compliance. Proof of receipt signature cards were not always being returned in a timely manner and even when returned may not have the date of receipt.  Ms. Taylor began using electronic tracking available through USPS and is now able to use the “track and confirm link” to determine where a certified mailing is in the process, and obtain an electronic signature for division records in a much more timely and cost-efficient manner. Cost Savings:  $138 per year.

Certificate of Commendation


Mark Vanden Bergh, UW-Green Bay

Paint stripes on either side of center line on road to mark locations of storm drains and draining cutouts. In past winters, the Grounds department used steel fence posts to mark drains, but many posts went missing, broke off, or were damaged by snow removal equipment. Also, when clearing drains staff had to work around the post which would take more time and was not as effective. Posts would have to be installed before the ground froze and were then removed in spring. Posts that broke off would have to be located and then dug out by hand. Cost Savings:  $1,386 per year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $50.00


Tou X. Yang, DOT/DTID

Save the department time and money by using an innovative program/spreadsheet to create miscellaneous quantities which are the basis of calculating engineering estimates used for construction project lettings.  Cost Savings:  $35,730 per year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $1,072.00


Carolyn Hackler, DOT/DMV

Create a button on product notation window that allows you to add the same notation to both registration and title records, instead of adding them one at a time.

Certificate of Commendation


Mary Kraus, DOT/DMV

Place signs in CDL Volume #2 book, so we do not need to hand out two books. Each time an “S” endorsed customer needs to renew their driver’s license they need to take the “SIGNS” test. This compounds when drivers over 70 need to come in every 2 years. The problem is that the “SIGNS” are only in the “Motorist Handbook” but not in the “School Bus”  book where they need to study. So we are giving out two booklets when in reality we should only have to give out one to renewing “S” endorsed drivers. This cost to produce a whole complete book for maybe 2 pages is high.

Certificate of Commendation


Emilia Wood, DOT/DMV

Many customers are unaware that with mopeds, license plates stay with the vehicle. Program the computer to print a brief note on moped registrations stating, “Moped plate stays with the vehicle when sold.”

Certificate of Commendation


Jullie Geen, DOT/DMV

Eliminate mailing extra forms for sales, bid and buyer with renewal packets and include web site address on dealer renewal application. Cost Savings:  $1,639 per year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $50.00



Carolyn Hackler, DOT/DMV

Train all customer service staff on Image (e-client) so they do not need to call Research and Information staff when they have the information right in front of them. Save Research & Information staff, customer service staff, and customer’s time.

Certificate of Commendation


Jennifer Engebretsen, DOT/DMV

Broaden the reasons for issuance of the One Plus One hang tag to include other disabilities that would hamper their ability to get to their destination.

Certificate of Commendation


Valerie Curry, DOT/DMV

Omit the MV3759 form when stuffing envelopes for renewal that involve hazardous material, or make it clear that customers that need a hazardous material endorsement need to bring in proof of legal presence. The MV3759 form is misleading.

Certificate of Commendation


Carmen Pfeiffer, James Traynor, Joseph Bauknecht, Keiko Ehlert, Lori Grote, Jeffrey Mace, Karen Veltus, Khue Xion, DOT/DMV

Incorporate a check-off guide for new drives preparing for a driving test on the DOT web site and provide this guide to customers at Bureau of Field Services service centers.

Certificate of Commendation


Jason Hansen, DOT/DMV

In the “Work Flow Envelope Tasks” screen “after payment completion” designate check or cash. This could also be done at the “Payment” screen after saving “somewhere” it would be great to see what payment method was used (cash or check). This would allow us in the field to have a quick visual check to head off any financial errors and if an error occurred we could then submit the proper form to correct. In addition, this would cut down on the internal work for financial audit employee and cost savings to the state, so this employee can now dedicate time to other priorities.

Certificate of Commendation


Michael C. Collins, DOT/DMV

In order to eliminate the large backlog of Neurological Medical Reports to review to determine licensing eligibility, change follow-up procedures so the driver is on a 6-month follow-up until they have been seizure-free for one year. Our old procedure required the driver to be on a 6-month follow-up until seizure-free for 2 years. This also allows the driver’s doctor to recommend removing the driver from medical follow-up by the Department of Transportation after the driver has been seizure-free for 2 years, rather than our previous procedure for making the driver file medical reports for at least 3 years prior to allowing the doctor to recommend removing the driver from medical follow-up by our agency. Cost Savings:  $2,960 per year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $89.00


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

On MV2300, delete the part about “solely-owned property value of deceased.” The buyer does not need to know the value of the deceased person’s estate.

Certificate of Commendation


Travis Lauer, DOT/DSP

Replace part for a piece of enforcement equipment cost from original vendor was $95 per unit. This particular item has already had to be replaced due to use 3 times in the last year and a half.  Cost Savings:  $126 per year.

Certificate of Commendation


Debra Riley, DOT/DMV

Change Registration and Titling System to ask if plate should be renewed for the coming two years after January 1 of current year.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Stop automatically folding MV3001 at printer. This form is unfolded many times in the process of completing. It would save time by each person if it was flat to begin with.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Current wording on MV2300 is awkward and confusing. Change wording to “I state that the information given above is true and correct and that the deceased leaves solely-owned property not exceeding $50,000 in value according to the requirements of s. 867.03 Wis. Stats.”

Certificate of Commendation

The Board also decided on Annual Awards for Fiscal Year 2010.  Award-winners will be announced closer to the date of the event, which is expected to be held in November at the State Capitol.  More details will be announced as the event date is finalized.


The next meeting will be the Annual Awards ceremony to be held on a date to be determined in November, 2010, at the State Capitol, in Madison.

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Last Modified:  9/21/2010 10:33:42 AM
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