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Board Meeting - July 12, 2000

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
July 12, 2000
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
DER, 345 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend, Chairman, Roger Cross, Member, Ken Berg, Member

DER Staff:   Peter Fox, Secretary (portion); Robert Toomey, Statewide SESP Coordinator; Shann Deprey, Graphic Designer


Shann Deprey and Robert Toomey discussed the progress of the design project.   A Focus Group was consulted to react to 8 potential new logos.    The clear choice of the majority of the group was evidenced by private reaction sheets from each of the 12 Focus Group participants, nine of whom ranked it their first choice.  Prior to this meeting, Board members were provided with variations of the top three choices of the Focus Group--without any indication of the No. 1 choice.     Two of the three Board members voted for the same logo that was the No. 1 choice of the Focus Group.   Some minor modifications will be made to it, primarily to slightly increase the font size of some of the words for better readability.

The logo shows a gray outline of the Wisconsin map, with red and black the other two colors.  The words read:  "Innovative Ideas Improve Wisconsin" and at the bottom are the words:  "Employee Suggestion Program."   The main artistic element is a red and black script of the letter "i" in lowercase script, repeated three times.  This relates to the words "innovative ideas improve" and within the three letter "i"s there is also a hidden script of the letter "w" in black.   The new logo will be used for the Web site, which Shann is developing, as well as posters, brochures, forms, letterhead, certificates, and a payroll stuffer scheduled for distribution to all employees on August 24.  The Web site is tentatively scheduled to go live on August 7.

The Board decided on Monday August 7 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon for a training conference for agency/campus coordinators.  [This date was later amended to Monday August 14.]    The Board felt this conference is very important to secure assistance from the agency/campus program coordinators to promote the new-look program to staff at their workplace.  The August 14 date was also the best choice indicated by agency/campus coordinators who were surveyed for their availability.   This conference will include an overview of the new-look program, distribution of the promotional materials to the coordinators, discussion of procedures, and will afford attendees the opportunity to ask questions and talk with the Board members and program coordinators at other agencies.   Coordinators who are not able to attend due to travel constraints and/or scheduling conflicts will receive the same materials by U.S. mail that week.


The Board decided to raise the minimum amount for cash awards from $25 to $100.  The Board will award 2% of annualized savings.   If this amount is less than $50, the employee will receive a Certificate of Commendation.  If this amount is $50-$99, the employee will receive the minimum award amount of $100.    The maximum award remains at $1,000.   The Board also decided to maintain flexibility in considering cash awards for special suggestions which do not result in tangible monetary savings, but have a substantial impact on significantly improving the quality of worklife.  The Board will make these decisions on a case-by-case basis as it reviews suggestions received.


The Board reviewed and decided on the following employee suggestions:

ESP Number Name & Agency Suggestion Description & Benefits Board Decision

Emilia Wood (DOT/DMV) Clarify process of paying citations and reinstating vehicle registration.
Process Improvement; Customer Service; Working Environment
FY01-02 Randy Dyer, Sharon Koeller, Deb Kraemer, Karen Lawler, Nancy Liegel, Melody Marshall, Jeanette Martin, David Singer, Wendy Ziegler
Improve the process of issuing occupational license applications.
Process Improvement; Customer Service; Cost Savings to be determined after pilot project is completed.
Certificate; If savings are realized later, re-submit after pilot project completion for consideration by Board of cash award.
FY01-03 John Collard
To save printing costs, print the following on test booklets: "Please do not write or mark in this booklet."
Process Improvement; Product Improvement; Customer Service; Cost Savings unknown at this time--cost comparison may be done after implementation.
Certificate; If savings are realized later, re-submit after implementation for consideration by Board of cash award.
FY01-04 Nancy Wilms
Issue an instruction permit first before issuing an ID card because of a "valid without photo" notation.
Process Improvement; Customer Service
FY01-05 Nancy Wilms
Process motorcycle license before regular license when a customer has passed the Rider Safety Course.
Process Improvement; Customer Service; Cost Savings intangible.
FY01-06 James Gruel
Provide a packet of scenarios to people who have been trained on FPF processing (Failure to Pay cases).
Process Improvement; Product Improvement; Work Environment; Cost Savings intangible.
FY01-07 Carolyn Hackler
Highlight Division Administrators and Secretary's Office staff in DOT E-Mail Bulletin.
Work Environment
FY01-08 Linda Sager
Revise application form MV3001 to ensure completion by applicants.
Process Improvement; Customer Service
FY01-09 Leo Clark
Revise Cellular 911 brochure to show it is unsafe to use a cell phone while refueling a vehicle.
FY01-10 Carolyn Rabehl
Revise school bus renewal notice to include number for scheduling skill tests and to give more lead time.
Customer Service
FY01-11 Eileen Fitzpatrick, Sharon Koeller, Debra Kraemer, Nancy Liegel, Melody Marshall, Jeanette Martin, Reed McGinn, Robin Nicholson, David Singer
Review the holding policy on occupational licenses when the customer is not yet eligible for issuance.
Process Improvement; Customer Service; Cost Savings $390 per year
FY01-12 Vicki Alling
Require courts to list a driver's license number when reporting drug convictions.
Process Improvement; Customer Service; Work Environment; Cost Savings--$4,300 per year.
Certificate and Cash Award of $100


The Board reviewed a log of all suggestions received in Fiscal Year 1999-2000 (July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2000) to determine special Annual Awards.   The Board decided as follows:

Individual Suggester of the Year:
Daniel P. Johnson (Dept of Administration)

Mr. Johnson has saved the State of Wisconsin more than $18,000 in the past seven years of FAA certification by becoming certified to perform federally required aircraft altimeter/transponder certification and repairs every two years. He continues to save the state between $2000 and $3000 biennially by performing these inspections. Additional advantages of his certification are: reduced aircraft downtime, assurance that checks and tests are done properly and completely, and increased availability of aircrafts and pilots.

Annual Savings: varies.    5-Year Savings: $18,950.

Group Suggestion of the Year:

Dorothy Frankey & Laurie Terwilliger (Dept of Transportation, Div of Motor Vehicles)

Change color of envelopes to mail form MV3668 from yellow to white to save postage costs (6 cents less for yellow envelopes).

Estimated Savings:  $47,500

Agency of the Year:  Department of Transportation (DOT)

Agency Coordinator of the Year:   Linda Heisler, Dept. of Health & Family Services

The Board selected Wednesday, November 15, 2000, as the date of its annual awards ceremony which will be held at the State Capitol in the Governor's Conference Room, from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.


Jim Behrend expressed a desire to continue to serve on the Board.    DER will contact the Appointments Secretary in the Governor's Office to convey Jim's interest in reappointment to the Board.


The Board will hold its next meeting for any regular business immediately following the August 14 training conference for agency/campus coordinators.

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