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Board Meeting - September 12, 2001

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
September 12, 2001
10:30 am - 11:30 am
DER, 345 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend*, Chairman; Roger Cross, Member; Ken Berg, Member

*participated by tele-conferencing

DER Staff:   Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:

ESP Number Name & Agency Suggestion Description & Benefits Board Decision
FY02-01 Charles Thorman
Create a brochure which has a flow chart indicating who can drive with whom on a driver's instruction permit. Certificate 
FY02-02 Gwendolyn DeLaOssa, DOT/DMV When printing an image document, a cover sheet prints first with logon ID and no other information; these sheets are disposed of. Paper usage could be reduced by one-third if logon ID's were printed directly on the document, eliminating the cover sheet.  Certificate
FY02-03 Susan Elskamp, DOT/DMV Revise DMV form BDS2126 in order to decrease the number of separate documents sent to customers in a "valid without photo" packet. Certificate
FY02-04 Glenn Saeger, DOT/DTID Create a macro in the CAiCE system to automate the creation of files. In the system, we view and save the horizontal alignment chains three times. There is a series of repetitive tasks performed to accomplish this and it is prone to errors if the tasks are not followed in an exact sequence. The end result are 3 files for each scale. Anytime there is a change to the alignment this process is repeated. The creation of the macro would automate the creation of the 3 files.

Savings:  $25,000/year; $125,000 over 5-year period.

Certificate and $500 cash award
FY02-05 John Brophy, DOT/DTD Create an electronic materials forms index for use in all districts to expedite the submission process and keep reports organized for future reference.

Savings:  $1,800/year; $9,000 over 5-year period.

FY02-06 Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV Eliminate confusion by changing the wording of instructions in the database for new customer entry. Certificate
FY02-07 Carolyn Hackler, DOT/DMV Include a tour of the parking lot so new employees in the DOT/DMV/Research & Information Section can see, firsthand, the different types of plates on vehicles. Certificate
FY02-08 Nancy Wilms, DOT/DMV Update the DMV/Bureau of Driver Services/Driver License Information page within the DOT website to clarify the section on issuance of probationary licenses for persons with foreign or international licenses. Certificate


The Board reviewed suggestions received during fiscal year 2000-2001 (July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2001) and made the following annual award decisions:

Individual Suggester of the Year:
(tie--3 employees will share this honor)
- Carolyn Hackler, DOT/Motor Vehicles
- Deborah Anderson, DHFS/Southern WI Center
- Gary Dikkers, DOT/Transportation Infrastructure Development

Group Suggestion of the Year:
- Paul Linderholm & Richard Ehlert, DOT/Motor Vehicles

Agency Coordinator of the Year:
- Ellen Hario, DOT/Motor Vehicles

Agency of the Year:
- Dept. of Transportation (DOT), Terrance Mulcahy - Secretary

The Annual Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2001, beginning at 11:00 AM in the Governor's Conference Room at the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.


The Board discussed an open records request received from an attorney who asked for summaries of suggestions received. DER legal counsel will handle and respond to this request. The information is available both on the Web site and in paper format and will be relatively easy to compile for a response to the attorney.


The next meeting will be the Annual Awards Ceremony on November 15, 2001, at the State Capitol in Madison, beginning at 11:00 AM.

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