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Board Meeting - March 27, 2002

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
March 27, 2002
10:30 am - 11:30 am
DER, 345 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend, Chairman; Ken Berg, Member
DER Staff:   Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator

ABSENT:   Roger Cross, Member


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:

ESP Number Name & Agency Suggestion Description & Benefits Board Decision
FY02-09 Rodney Korth, DOT/DMV Add automated phone messaging to the CNR phone queue.

Savings:  $13,710/year; $68,550 over 5-year period.

Certificate and $275.00 cash award 
FY02-10 Melbourne Cleveland, DOT/DMV In addition to structured training offered to new employees, also assign a senior staff member as a mentor. Certificate
FY02-11 Patricia Byrd, DOT/DMV Reformat the front of the license plate renewal form to explain that the $3.00 counter fee and any other required late fees must be paid at the time the renewal form is brought to the customer service center.  Certificate
FY02-12 Daniel Balfanz, DOT/DMV Revise the wording on two motor vehicle tests (MV2198 and MV2199) to make it easier to understand and to decrease the failure rate. Certificate
FY02-13 Donna Holzman, DOT/DMV Reformat the names on the routing slip used in the DMV Revocation & Suspension Unit to show group order rather than alphabetically. Certificate
FY02-14 Joyce Genske, DOT/DMV Include a paragraph in the cover letter for the "Driver Record Certification" that explains that the triscalion symbol on DOT letterhead actually serves the same purpose as a gold seal. Certificate
FY02-15 Donna Holzman, DOT/DMV Revise the programmed system for processing driver records to accept the purge of the "Failure to Pay Suspension" which will decrease the number of tiebreaker records.

Savings:   $9,110/year; $45,550 over 5-year period.

Certificate and $200.00 cash award
FY02-16 Marjorie Uphoff, DOT/DMV Revise the computer program to automatically remove the financial responsibility restriction on the driver record after the filing time is over. Certificate
FY02-17 Kathryn Johnson, DOT/DMV Revise DMV form MV2896 (Vehicle/Driver Record Information Request) to have the highlighting printed on the form instead of doing it manually.

Savings:   $600/year; $3,000 over 5-year period.

FY02-18 A.L. Steven King, DOT/DBM Designate a parking space at the Hill Farms State Office Building that is large enough to accommodate a tractor/trailer. Certificate
FY02-19 EOS Team:  Jan Theobald (Leader), Julie Moyer, Jim Chaja, Wendy Margenau, Marge Knuth, and Ruth Gundlach, DOT/DMV Create options for using the Enterprise Output Solution (EOS) software as a storage medium for data converted from microfiche.

Savings:   $52,867/year; $264,335 over 5-year period.

Certificate and Cash Awards of $200.00 for each employee
FY02-20 Daniel Balfanz, DOT/DMV Insert the Federal Medical/Physical requirements on page 1 of the handbook for Commercial Driver's License. Certificate
FY02-21 Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV DMV central office and field office employees should be notified as to why flags are flying at half-mast.

This suggestion could apply to other agencies/institutions/campuses.

FY02-22 Marjorie Uphoff, DOT/DMV Revise a computer program in the DMV Traffic Accident Section to print accident profiles as soon as the evaluation forms are returned.

This suggestion could apply to other agencies/institutions/campuses.

FY02-23 James Hugenroth, UW-Green Bay Mr. Hugenroth designed a metal post protector to cover the wood posts currently utilized at UW-Green Bay.  This device allows the campus to re-use the broken posts instead of purchasing new ones.  The suggestion saves the expense of new wooden posts, as well as labor time.

Savings:  $310/year; $1,550 over 5-year period.

This suggestion could apply to other agencies/institutions/campuses.

FY02-24 David Krueger, UW-Madison, WI Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Develop a new rapid BVD immunoperoxidase monolayer assay method -- the standard method of detecting BVD virus in serum of persistently infected animals -- that results in time and money savings, test efficacy, improved customer service, improved ergonomics, less storage space needed, and less wasted materials.

Net Savings:  $16,900/year; $84,500 over 5-year period.

This suggestion could apply to other agencies/institutions/campuses.

Certificate and $300.00 cash award
FY02-25 Georgia Taylor, DFI Each agency should review how higher-cost paper is being used in their agency.  An example would be to use a less expensive paper for everyday use for laser printers rather than using bond paper.

Savings:  $610/year; $3,050 over 5-year period.

This suggestion could apply to other agencies/institutions/campuses.

FY02-26 Erik Humlie, Commerce Convert old flash point testing equipment that was stationary in a testing laboratory into a portable unit.  The portability of the flash point tester allows the petroleum inspector to conduct flash point tests on site rather than having to return to the laboratory with the liquid product for testing.  Savings are derived from less time spent by the petroleum inspector traveling from the site to the laboratory to conduct the flash point tests.

Savings:  Intangible.

FY02-27 Brenda Williams, DER Brenda tirelessly researched ways to achieve cost savings in printing and mailing the Current Employment Opportunities Bulletin, above and beyond the requirements of her job duties.  Numerous vendors and service packages were researched, including paper weights, colors, mailing labels, binding sizes, postage options, and printing costs.  Testing and trial periods with vendors were negotiated.  A cafeteria of options was presented to management along with a perceptive recommendation as to the best combination of services and format.  Overall improvements have provided for a much-improved product, a shorter processing time, and substantial cost savings to both DER and its customers.

Savings:   $60,000/year; $300,000 over 5-year period.

Certificate and $1,000 cash award


The Board reviewed, revised, and approved an e-mail newsletter to be sent to all employees via their agency/campus coordinator.  The Board also agreed with the DER Secretary's Office that a special press release about the Employee Suggestion Program -- and, specifically, suggestions reviewed at this meeting -- should be prepared and distributed. 


The Board agreed with the idea of conducting a 2-hour special meeting for agency/campus coordinators, to provide them an opportunity to confer and network, meet with the Board members, and see a presentation on how to promote the program at the agency/campus level to obtain more employee participation.  This special conference will be scheduled for sometime in July; final date and time to be announced and publicized in advance.


The next meeting will be sometime in mid-June; final date and time to be announced in advance. 

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