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Board Meeting - June 26, 2002

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
June 26, 2002
10:00 am - 11:00 am
DER, 345 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend, Chairman*; Roger Cross, Member; Ken Berg, Member
DER Staff:   Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator
Agency Coordinator:   Nancy Ketterhagen, DETF (portion of meeting)

*Participated via teleconference.


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:

ESP Number Name & Agency Suggestion Description & Benefits Board Decision
FY02-28 Dale Bachim, DOT/WSP Alter old water coolers to fill fire extinguishers with Purple K Powder.  Certificate
FY02-29 Emilia Wood, DOT/DMV Revise driver license instruction permits to include WisDOT's internet address. Certificate
FY02-30 Charles Thorman, DOT/DMV Revise the DMV Registration Drop Box Envelope, MV3691, to include information currently found on MV2016. Certificate
FY02-31 Nancy Wilms, DOT/DMV Create posters and handouts for DMV field offices that describe the different specialized plates and the fee for the first year and after. Certificate
FY02-32 Doris Stickler, DOT/DMV Revise documents in DMV Compliance and Restoration Section that would clarify why a customer's operating privilege was withdrawn and what actions are necessary to have it reinstated. Certificate
FY02-33 Joyce Genske, DOT/DMV Supply neon orange flags to Floor Captains so they can be easily identified in an emergency. Certificate
FY02-34 Gustav Heinecke, Jr., UW-Oshkosh Use a hose adapter that converts existing vacuum cleaner tubes (wands) and accessories to the newer model vacuum cleaner.  Gus' idea eliminated the duct-taping of accessories to the vacuum cleaner tubes.  Also, by utilizing the hose adapter, the department did not have to buy new sets of vacuum cleaner attachments for the new vacs.  A set of attachments for a new vacuum cleaner would have cost $94.50 per set; the department needed 20 sets.  The total cost of purchasing new accessories would have cost the department $1,890.00.  An adapter cost $3.39; 20 adapters cost $67.80.

Total savings = $1,822.20. 

This suggestion could apply to other agencies/institutions/campuses.

Certificate and $100.00 Cash Award
FY02-35 Russ St. Clair, DETF Change the way the Department prepares fiscal estimates for legislation affecting the Department of Employee Trust Funds.  Specifically calls for the development of an ad-hoc committee with membership representing the Secretary's Office and the divisions affected by the estimate.  Committee would jointly identify assumptions and consider how ETF would most likely implement the legislation and the costs for each division involved.  End result is a well-coordinated effort that culminates in the development of an accurate, realistic fiscal estimate. Certificate
FY02-36 Kit Robbins, DETF Fold the Beneficiary Deisgnation form (ET-2320) in half for insertion into smaller envelope, which saves $1,092.00 annually in material cost (envelopes) and postage.

Savings:   $1,092/year; $5,460 over 5-year period.

FY02-37 Carolyn Hackler, DOT/DMV Post suggestions in the DOT bulletin on how employees can save the state money. Certificate
FY02-38 Michael O'Meara, DOT/DBM Provide breakaway laynards for identification badges. Certificate


The Board agreed with the idea of conducting a 2-hour special meeting for agency/campus coordinators, to provide them an opportunity to confer and network, meet with the Board members, and see a presentation on how to promote and coordinate the program at the agency/campus level.  This special conference will be scheduled for sometime in late summer; final date and time to be announced and publicized in advance. 


The annual awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, November 20, 2002, beginning at 11:00 a.m. in the State Capitol.  A press release announcing the award-winners will be available in early November.


The next meeting will be the special conference for agency/campus coordinators later in the summer; final date and time to be announced in advance. 

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