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Board Meeting - May 12, 2003

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
May 12, 2003
10:00 am - 11:00 am
DER, 345 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend*, Chairman; Ken Berg, Member
DER Staff:   Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator

* participated by teleconference


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:

ESP Number Name & Agency Suggestion Description & Benefits Board Decision
FY03-01 Jackie Hepler & Winfield MacDonald, Tourism Design in-house direct marketing leads program. Label requests are generated from the Department of Tourism's fulfillment database rather than an outside vendor. The change has saved a significant amount of money and increased customer service to the tourism industry.
Savings:  Nearly $9,000 per year (average); $44,834 over 5-year period. 
This suggestion could apply to other agencies.
Certificate and cash award of $180.00
FY03-02 Mark Dickinson, DOT/DMV Revise the driver license re-exam letters to clearly state options such as surrendering a license and obtaining a state ID card. Certificate
FY03-03 Jean Ann Alexander, DOT/DMV Compile a list of e-mail addresses for service companies that send information to the Motor Carrier Section.
Savings:   $64 per year; $320 over 5-year period.
FY03-04 Carol Mayfield, DOT/DMV To meet the new mainframe requirements, create passwords for DOT1 applications using the 4-digit agency code and 5-digit password.
Savings:  $10,399 per year.
Certificate and cash award of $210.00 
FY03-05 Steve Wiswell & Dale Kitelinger, DOT/DTID Developed a new sealant to use when installing sensors on the road for the weigh-in-motion and vehicle classifier computers.
Savings:  $43,000 first year, $130,000 next 4 years; $563,000 over 5-year period 
Certificate and cash award of $1,000.00 
FY03-06 Steve Schultz, DOT/DSP During routine traffic stops and public events, have State Patrol officers hand out brochures stressing safe driving. Certificate
FY03-07 Linda Collard, DOT/DMV Revise the driver license renewal form MV3006 to indicate that only cash or check is acceptable payment. Certificate
FY03-08 Michael Livingston & John Hagen, DOT/DSP Have the State Patrol district office work with the Highways district office to acquire and utilize furniture that was replaced due to building renovation.
Savings:  $20,000 one-time.
Certificate and cash award of $100.00
FY03-09 Shawn Kelly, UW-Oshkosh Reeve Memorial Union (the student union on campus) underwent a fund-raising effort to pay for theater seating in its newly constructed theater.  Employees were solicited for a gift of $500 to have their names placed on a seat.  At a cost of $500/seat, few employees could afford to donate.  However, Shawn's suggestion was to have employee donations deducted through payroll deduction, thus lessening the burden of payment.  $4,000 was raised through payroll deduction for theater seating.  This suggestion was evaluated over a year and a half to determine the effectiveness of his suggestion . Theater seating was dedicated December 6, 2002.
Savings:   $4,000 one-time.
This suggestion could apply to other agencies.
FY03-10 Tamara Licari, DETF Print internally generated forms one per page and on a full sheet of paper. This would save the mailroom time in cutting the forms, paper, and records management staff time preparing document for imaging.  Certificate
FY03-11 Debra Marsolek, DOT/DMV Indicate what was changed on publications when they are being reprinted.
This suggestion could apply to other agencies.
FY03-12 Nancy Watson, DOT/DMV To reduce confusion when applying for an ID card, consolidate information from the MV3424 and Proof of Residency forms so only one form is needed. Certificate
FY03-13 Mel Cleveland, DOT/DMV Create signs for each Hill Farms building entrance to remind people to wipe their shoes on the mats. Certificate
FY03-14 Jim Pierce, DOT/DMV Process requests to reinstate a suspended driver's license over the counter and discontinue using paper applications. Certificate
FY03-15 Karen McLain, DOT/DMV Have forms available so customers will have the correct information on permission slips that allow titles to be handed over at the counter. Certificate
FY03-16 Mel Cleveland, DOT/DMV Discontinue including prepaid envelopes with notices of suspension due to unpaid registration.
Savings:  $260 per year; $1,300 over 5-year period.
FY03-17 Marietta Smith, DOT/DBM Paint large floor numbers on the walls directly at the base of the stairwell. Certificate
FY03-18 Nancy Wilms, DOT/DMV Add a measuring device on the photo background area to assist with determining the height of a child. Certificate
FY03-19 Laurie Becker, DOT/DMV Discontinue leasing microfiche reader/printers for each processor and use department-owned microfiche readers that are placed in a central location.
Savings:   $21,200 per year; $106,000 over 5-year period.
Certificate and cash award of $425.00
FY03-20 Donna Meyer, DOT/DMV Combine the supply storage cabinets for three sections and have one person do the ordering.
Savings:  1,400 per year; $7,000 over 5-year period.
FY03-21 Mark Henn, DOT/DMV Change DOT's policy for issuing replacements for stolen vehicle identification numbers. Certificate
FY03-22 Carla Radl, DOT/DMV Ask employees to update their emergency contact information during the yearly evaluation.
This suggestion could apply to other agencies.


The Board discussed the status of DER, which was to be merged into DOA but now appears to be likely to stay as a separate agency except it will be attached to DOA for administrative support purposes.

The Board also discussed the transition with a new Governor as it affects the Board.  Roger Cross is no longer a member of the Board -- he retired from state service earlier this year.  The Governor's office is looking for a person to serve as the required state employee representative on the Board.  

Board Chair Jim Behrend's term continues through May 2005.  Board Member Ken Berg, whose term expires this month (May 2003), has been received contact from the Governor's appointments office about reappointment and will respond that he is interested in reappointment to the Board.


The next meeting will be sometime in July; final date and time to be determined and announced in advance. 

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