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Board Meeting - May 10, 2004

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
May 10, 2004
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
OSER, 101 East Wilson Street, 4th Floor, Madison, WI


Board Members:    James Behrend, Chairman; Sandy Drew, Member; David Vriezen, Member
OSER Staff:   Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator


The two new Board members -- Sandy Drew and David Vriezen -- were introduced and given an overview/orientation to the program and the Board's operation.  James Behrend continues on as Board Chair.

The Board agreed that the 2004 annual awards ceremony to be held in November 2004 at the State Capitol will cover both fiscal years 2003 and 2004, as there was no annual awards ceremony in November 2003 because two of the three Board member positions have been vacant until last month.

The Board approves continually promoting the program via e-mail, newsletters, web site, etc.  At a future meeting, the Board will discuss a potential reprint and distribution via paycheck stuffers of the promotional bookmark (from August 2000).

Board Members Sandy Drew and David Vriezen expressed an interest in meeting with and giving presentations to Cabinet members, deputy secretaries, executive assistants, Unions, Administrative Officers Council, division administrators, State Human Resource Managers Council (SHRMC), and other appropriate groups, to promote more participation by agencies in the State Employee Suggestion Program.  Toomey will follow up with the OSER Director's Office to explore the possibility of scheduling these presentations.  Toomey will advise Drew and Vriezen of potential meeting dates and provide them with a talking points summary about the program.  

Toomey further noted that the Department of Transportation is a "model agency" in the Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program and that successful participation in the program requires buy-in at all levels of management, as well as internal promotion by the agency and responsiveness to employee suggestions including timely evaluation.

The Board discussed the issue of suggestions which are related to the employee's job but not specifically detailed as a direct responsibility of the employee. The Board decided to modify the Evaluation/Summary form to indicate that suggestions of an "exceptional nature" -- over and above the normal expected performance of job duties -- may be eligible for recognition and that the employee's supervisor must detail the exceptional nature of the suggestion for board consideration. 

The Board approved the graphic developed by Toomey for the Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program's 50th anniversary. The graphic will be added to the web site. 


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:

ESP Number Name & Agency Suggestion Description & Benefits Board Decision
FY04-01 Troy Stapelmann, DOT/DTD Implement a Health and Safety Plan for each drilling project where there is potential for injury and provide emergency phone numbers and directions to the nearest hospital. Certificate
FY04-02 Becky Artus, DOT/DSP Discontinue using the contract for the Pitney Bowes postage meter and replace it with a less expensive contractor.
Savings:  $1,300/year; $6,500 over 5-year period.
FY04-03 Jean Ann Stronach, DOT/DSP Bill large insurance companies quarterly for traffic accident information. Certificate
FY04-04 Jenni Engebretsen, DOT/DMV Revise the occupational license form to clearly show what forms are required. Certificate
FY04-05 Rodney Key, DOT/DTID Install faucet mounted eyewash units instead of using eyewash bottles. Certificate
FY04-06 Anne Mallory, DOT/DMV Laminate a list of DMV Bureau of Driver Services phone numbers and post it next to the public phones. Certificate
FY04-07 Dennis Mulholland, DOT/DMV Discontinue producing VIN tags and contract with a dealer to have VIN tags embossed.
Savings:  $2,877/year; $14,385 over 5-year period.
Certificate and cash award of $100.00
FY04-08 Mary K. Byrne, DOT/DMV Return for credit, registration and driver record update cartridges.
Savings: $90/year; $450 over 5-year period.
FY04-09 Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV Edit the registration manual to include more information regarding an administrative suspension on a title. Certificate 
FY04-10 Daniel Balfanz, Kathleen Beres, Dorothy Crockett, and Emilia Wood -- DOT/DMV Clarify the tax-exempt code 4 on MV forms to read, "Purchaser is State of WI or other federal or government agency." Certificate
FY04-11 Jillian Cori, DOT/DMV Provide seating for those waiting in the hallway at the Madison West, Hill Farms DMV Service Center. Certificate
FY04-12 Janet Turja, DOT/DMV On Spanish disqualification forms, add "driving in the incoming traffic lane." Certificate
FY04-13 Mari Smith, DOT/DTIM Create a WisDOT showcase section in the weekly bulletin. Certificate
FY04-14 Susan Elskamp, DOT/DMV Create an alphabetical list of email addresses by subject that will be used by DMV employees working in customer service. Certificate
FY04-15 Cheryl Hogue, DOT/DMV Laminate colored currency size paper and use it between larger bills in cash drawers to reduce errors. Certificate
FY04-16 Pao Chang, UW-Oshkosh Similar to a carpenter using a chalk line, Pao's suggestion uses a rope, placing it flat on the floor, stretching it across the width of the assembly, and then setting up and aligning chairs using the rope as a guide. This process takes the guesswork/"eye-balling" out of aligning chairs in a straight row. Set-ups are done more efficiently by doing it once without having to constantly adjust chairs. Plus, the final set-up looks very professional!
This suggestion could apply to other agencies/campuses.
FY04-17 Diane Hilston, DOT/DBM Attach a mirror to a traffic intersection light pole or stop sign and angle it towards turning lanes that are difficult to see.  (This suggestion was integrated into consideration as part of a statewide traffic study.)
This suggestion could apply to other agencies/campuses.
FY04-18 Ted Smith, DOT/DTD Attach the brochure, "Have I Received My Full Wage," to the construction site wage board. Certificate
FY04-19 Sharon Koeller, DOT/DMV Put the DMV/BFS directory on the dotnet.
Savings: $1,000/year; $5,000 over 5-year period.
FY04-20 Vanessa King, DOT/DMV Revise MV3001 form to make it less confusing. Certificate
FY04-21 Mark Henn, DOT/DMV Modify MV2118 form. Certificate
FY04-22 Lynn Nachreiner, DOT/DMV Create templates for labels and place them on the network drive.
Savings: $500/year; $2,500 over 5-year period.
FY04-23 Linda Galarneau, DOT/DMV Revise the Good Faith Statement on the MV2541 form. Certificate
FY04-24 Carolyn Hackler, DOT/DMV Revise a DMV voice message to advise the caller that they will need their license plate number. Certificate
FY04-25 Sharon Koeller, Janet Wurtzler, and Kent Buehler -- DOT/DMV Revise an existing driver record policy to purge images.
Savings: $864/year; $4,320 over 5-year period.
FY04-26 Joe Wilson, DOT/DTID Use a Missouri flat free tire sealant for maintenance vehicles.
This suggestion could apply to other agencies/campuses.
FY04-27 Cary Graf, Doug Johnson, Marsha Mason-Siegenthaler, Judy Carlson, and Paul Geen -- DOT/DMV Instruct Badger State Industries to pre-bundle renewal stickers for delivery to car dealers.
Savings: $180/year; $900 over 5-year period.
FY04-28 Anne Mallory, DOT/DMV Place information regarding the maintenance and care of a paper shredder next to it.
This suggestion could apply to other agencies/campuses.
FY04-29 Mary Jane Drexler, UW-Oshkosh Mary Jane pays the monthly telephone bills. In this particular work unit, any number of different telephone carriers were used with varying long-distance telephone rates, ranging from .03 to .39 cents per minute. With help from the Telecommunications department, a single telephone carrier was contacted and a statewide contract was developed which resulted in savings of $618.27 in the first month.
Savings: $9,183/year; $45,915 over 5-year period.
This suggestion could apply to other agencies/campuses.
Certificate and cash award of $185.00
FY04-30 Julia Albis-Hutchings, DOT/DMV Broadcast messages on Spanish language radio stations regarding safety belt use and child passenger safety, and updated the corresponding printed Spanish booklet. Certificate
FY04-31 Emilia Wood, DOT/DMV Require area codes to be entered with phone numbers in DMV's Research and Information Section file handler system. Certificate
FY04-32 Suzy Koplin, Julie Butler, Vicki Harkins, Gina Hellenbrand, Susan Jewell, Steve King, Judy Schulz, Sharon Sennhenn, Marji Stephens, and Cyndy Williams -- DOT/DMV Provide a public literature rack at Hill Farms so DMV customers can pick up forms after hours. Certificate


The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 14, 2004, at 11:00 a.m. at OSER, 101 E. Wilson St., 4th Floor, Madison. 

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