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Board Meeting - May 18, 2007

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
May 18, 2007
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Investment Board, 121 E. Wilson St., Madison, WI




Board Members: Sandy Drew, Chair; Gene Dalhoff, Member; David Vriezen, Member
OSER Staff: Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator

Others:  Kevin Huggins, DNR Program Coordinator




The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions: 


ESP Number

Name & Agency

Suggestion Description & Benefits

Board Decision


Timothy Sturtevant, DOT

Add a place on the MV3544 Class D skills test to capture plate number for all skills tests. This would help ensure that the plate number is available should it be needed in the future, and would treat all customers the same by having plate information al all and not a few, thus reducing the chance of a claim of discrimination.



Carolyn Bourie, DOT

Add a spot on the dotnet home page that would be visible and easily accessible so that people who are not thinking clearly in an emergency can easily find numbers to access help for someone in trouble.



Andrew Savagian, DNR

Hold an annual employee thank-you/recognition event and invite staff from the company that cleans our building.



Marsha Vomastic, DNR

Create a web site to provide public notice for Notices of Intent (NOI) prior to the permit being conferred.



Customer Service & Licensing Staff, DNR

Automate the folding of boat titles and registrations instead of requiring staff to hand-fold these.  Cost Savings:  $1,262 average per year; $6,310 over 5-year period.

Certificate and Cash Award of $50.00


Bryan Royston, DNR

Provide an automated solution that uses server-based technology and scripts to distribute software updates to remote users without the need for local staff intervention or loss of time.  Cost Savings:  $45,900 per year; $229,500 over 5-year period.

Certificate and Cash Award of $1,377.00


Customer Service, Water Management, and Law Enforcement Operating Team – DNR

Create a shared calendar utilizing Microsoft Outlook which can be accessed by all staff. Each task needed to complete a project is set up as a “meeting” so each manager can see what is planned for the coming weeks/months and also receives a meeting planning reminder to alert them that a task is due, so they can check firsthand with the staff person responsible to confirm whether the task has been completed.



Erik Humlie and Barry Fosdick, Commerce

Have an inspector make up sample “thiefs” (devices) for everyone based on their specific needs, and make a few extras to keep in supply at our Madison office. We created examples to show everyone and they were asked to place their individual order through their respective supervisors. Cost Savings: $1,350 per year [one-time].



Erik Humlie, Commerce

Use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word programs to design an inexpensive department rendition to the API Code while tailoring it to Wisconsin’s needs. These color codes are readily available and used in petroleum industry sign catalogs and it is very common to see oil companies use these color codes in a corporate presentation.




Board Chair Sandy Drew provided an update on her look at alternative funding scenarios for suggestion awards. Having suggestion awards funded directly by the budget funding line where the savings are reaped could be problematic for several reasons:  Federal funding and program revenue, for example, are funds which have rules on how money is expended.  She will continue to look into this matter and report back, but there are definitely complex issues associated with this.



Final date and time to be determined and announced in advance.  The Board hopes to meet in early July to wrap up review and awards of Fiscal Year 2007 suggestions, and decided on the special annual awards which will be awarded sometime in November at the State Capitol (exact date and time to be finalized later).


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