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Board Meeting - April 24, 2009

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Meeting Summary - Employee Suggestion Board
April 24, 2009
11:00 am - 12:00 noon

Investment Board, 121 E. Wilson St., Madison, WI




Board Members: Sandy Drew, Chair; Gene Dalhoff, Member; David Vriezen, Member
OSER Staff: Robert Toomey, Statewide Program Coordinator


The Board reviewed and decided on the following regular employee suggestions:


Name & Agency

Suggestion Description & Benefits

Board Decision


Tom Pleuss, DOC/DAI

Modified prison cell air vents so that there was less chance of an inmate using the vent to make a suicide attempt. The holes on the new vents are smaller and the previous vents, and make it less likely that something can be placed into them.

Certificate of Commendation and Special Cash Award of $400 (also see Suggestions FY09-02 and FY09-03)


Tom Pleuss, DOC/DAI

Shower heads in segregation prison cells were altered to make them less likely to be used in a suicide attempt. The new shower heads are recessed so that nothing can be hung from them.

Certificate of Commendation and Special Cash Award of $400 (also see Suggestions FY09-01 and FY09-03)


Tom Pleuss, DOC/DAI

Padlocks used to secure inmate belongings were posing a danger. This suggestion created a different way of securing inmate belongings (replacing the padlock with a keylock system), thereby reducing the chance a padlock would be used as a weapon.

Certificate of Commendation and Special Cash Award of $400 (also see Suggestions FY09-01 and FY09-02)


James Boshers, DOT/DBM

Install fax machine at the front lobby desk so customers may fax material to various departments on other floors which are not accessible to the public.

Certificate of Commendation


Roger Glass, DOT/DTD

This suggestion identified that it was time to do something about the building cafeteria, expressing concern that the Hill Farms cafeteria menu was expensive and fatty, and observing that people were avoiding purchasing food at this cafeteria.  As a result, DBM surveyed employees and the cafeteria installed a salad bar and added Panini sandwiches among other menu items.

Certificate of Commendation


Richard Barden, DOT/DTID

Purchase I-Pass for employees to use when traveling on business and using tollways in the Chicago area and other parts of northern Illinois.  The I-pass pays for itself due to toll discounts vs. paying cash for tolls. Average annual savings: $30.

Certificate of Commendation


Tiffany Novinska and Mike Humke, DOT/DTID

Replace outdated maps with updated maps or artwork. Maps would also benefit more people if placed in a more public area, such as the building lobby.

Certificate of Commendation


Scott Erdman, DOT/DTIM

Post DMV Service Center hours on west entrance to Hill Farms building.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Drivers found guilty of OWI or IC must complete an assessment with an approved agency in their county. Create an easy-to-locate site listing with approved assessment agencies for each county.

Certificate of Commendation


Stephen McGovern, DOT/DTD

Instead of sending letters via certified mail, which is costly, send the same letters without a return-receipt and instead obtain confirmation of delivery from the US Postal Service web site to place in files when a delivery confirmation is required. Cost Savings:  $4,255/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $128


Roger Glass, DOT/DTID

Update the DOT logon table nightly rather than monthly. Many web-based programs require logon for security. If employees change positions, or were recently hired, they have to wait up to a month before they can log onto and use web-based business applications until the logon table is updated.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Form MV11 should be revised to include a space for PO Box number next to the street address field.  There are many address errors that third-party vendors are creating.

Certificate of Commendation


Timothy Sturtevant, DOT/DMV

Use 1 sticker envelope for automobiles and light truck plates, rather than 2 different envelopes for each. Using one envelope would include current instructions plus instructions for the light truck weight stickers, including instructions that the letter sticker is for trucks only.

Certificate of Commendation


Michael Reba, DOT/DMV

Form MV-1 does not contain a checkbox for truck and/or tractor trucks. There is no space to declare a carrier class or for-hire class for light trucks. These changes will be implemented at the next form revision.

Certificate of Commendation


Glenn Saeger, Cathy Reincke, and James Rohe, DOT/DTSD

There is no automated method to create a construction year map. An automated map was created through GIS resulting in savings in work hours. Cost Savings:  $9,000/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $270 ($90 each)


Joseph Rodefeld, Ken Schmaus, David Greene, Scott Brummond, Jeffery Taylor, Mark Pfundheller, Gary Dikkers, and Carey Heymann, DOT/DTIM

Redesign and rebuild the Wisconsin Aeronautical Chart using in-house staff and resources, rather than an outside source. Cost Savings:  $89,900/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $1,500 ($187.50 each)


Christina Stapleton, DOT/DSP

Place a computer in the State Patrol lobby for attorneys to view crash reports to get names of potential clients. Prior to this, State Patrol personnel had to ensure that copies were provided when attorneys came in, and that copies remained in the report folder after attorney office personnel reviewed them. This saves approximately three hours of staff time per week. Cost Savings: $2,832/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $100


Richard Heling, UW‑Oshkosh

The Field House passenger elevator is also used as a freight elevator. A stainless steel sheet was installed to cover the “kick area” of the elevator cab, thus preventing a pallet jack or other equipment from slipping under the wall panel and dislodging the cab panel(s). Cost Savings:  $755/year.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Nowhere on DMV reinstatement letters does it state to whom checks should be made payable. Suggested that all letters asking for fees to be mailed to Madison include a statement to “Make check or money order payable to Registration Fee Trust.”  This should be near the top of the letter in a conspicuous location.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

The process is sometimes confusing when serving a CDL/CDLI customer who has diabetes.  Suggest creating a full chart which states how each CDL driver will be restricted if they drive a commercial vehicle or a school bus, if they are on medication or insulin.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Create a plastic template which covers the rest of the yellow signature pad area for driver’s license or ID cards.  There was a problem with customers signing too close to the signature line, which would result in their signature being cut off below a certain point. Also, some customers were resting their hand too hard on the signature pad which would cause stray marks to appear.

Certificate of Commendation


Michael Reba, DOT/DMV

Amend the out-of-sequence title acceptance policy, to accept an out-of-date title even if there is a lien listed, provided there is no lien listed on DMV’s record system. Make a screen print with the correct information and perform the transaction without requiring the customer to go get the newer title.

Certificate of Commendation


Glenn Saeger and Glen Trzebiatowski, DOT/DTSD

Whenever there is an update to the alignment file, the reference fill levels are reset to turn all levels on, or all scales on. Only one scale is needed per sheet. The operator then has to manually go into each file and reset the reference fill levels based on the scale being used. Some projects can have 300 sheets or files. Loss of production is 5 minutes per file. Alignments are changed many times during the life of a project considering projects can last for 10 years or longer.

Cost Savings:  $11,385/year.


Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $342 ($171 each)


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

Revise the reverse side of Form MV-1 under Section G to state that form MV2953 is needed.

Certificate of Commendation


Gary Dikkers, DOT/DTIM

Recommended using certificate covers instead of wood plaques for future DOT STAR program award recipients.  DOT should also extend this beyond the STAR program and standard the use of certificate covers.  Cost Savings:  $314/year.

Certificate of Commendation


Susan O’Kane, DCF

Unemployment Insurance benefit payments are intercepted on behalf of Child Support recipients, and collections are forwarded to the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund on a nightly basis. Along with collections from other sources, the Trust Fund forwards these UI collections to the KIDS system for processing. The Bureau of Child Support pays the Trust Fund a fee per collection forwarded to KIDS. Other sources of collections include Payer Paid collections, Income Withholding collections, and Interstate collections. 


By having UI collections forwarded directly to the KIDS system (instead of via the Trust Fund), the following benefits are recognized:


- Fee savings per intercepted collection, reducing payment to the Trust Fund.

- Control of file maintenance and data transfer remains within the State (for example, future necessary changes are not at the will of an external vendor’s decisions, time, resources, and costs).

- Risks that may be encountered outside of State control are eliminated. For example, vendor site disasters, corporate closures, and unforeseen changes to vendor processes.

- Reduction in unknown payer collections. The Trust Fund follows procedures to identify the payer of a collection. Due to deficiencies in validation data available to the Trust Fund, this process has been less successful than desired. Due to complete data access and control, the rate of identified payers is likely to be higher when processed by the State.


Cost Savings:  $176,148/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $1,500


Janet Turja, DOT/DMV

When someone pays up on their bad payment, place a date-met on the cancel requirements so that when staff go to process, they can see that the person met the cancel requirements and then process a reinstatement, instead of having to check with Accounting to find out what was needed.

Certificate of Commendation


Emilia Wood, DOT/DMV

Add zip code to Form BVS-IM2 (Location of Inspection Stations). This would help customers who use an online mapping service for more specific directions. Currently it only lists the address and the city.

Certificate of Commendation


Eileen Troemel, DOT/DTSD

Offer an annual subscription for the CDs containing plans for projects about to be let. This would eliminate three billing cycles per year. Cost Savings: $1,728/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $100


Jim WIndorff, Andrew Schilling, Lisa Seifert, Paul Richmond, and Vern Andren, DOT/DTSD

Convert historic photolog data from 12” optical disc to DVD or CD, instead of outsourcing. The equipment to read the 12” optical discs is obsolete and unusable. Parts are not available and the devices are inoperable. Cost Savings: $5,259/year.

Certificate of Commendation and Cash Award of $158 ($32 per person)


Sandy Herum, DOT/DMV

Customers bring lien clearance notices (MV2076) to have lien holders removed. On the form it states that customers may bring it to their nearest service center to have a new title issued. Because customers do not realize that not all stations are service centers, remove this notation.

Certificate of Commendation


John Collard, DOT/DMV

On the MV3005 and MV3006 forms it states that the location list is enclosed. The BFS3111A list which is enclosed does not provide a list of locations; it only provides a web site and phone number. The Service Center has had numerous complaints from the public concerning the location information.  The solution is to delete the reference to location list being enclosed on forms MV3005 and MV3006.

Certificate of Commendation


Caroline Rabehl, DOT/DMV

In Section G of form MV1 anyone desiring an Amateur Radio license plate is referred to Registration Notice MV2747.  This document can be found on the internal DOT intranet site and printed for customers; however, the form is not available on the DOT web site for customers to access.  The solution was to put the web link where the publication (MV2747) may be found on form MV1.

Certificate of Commendation


The next meeting will take place either in June or July; the exact date, time, and location will be announced in advance.



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